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ISBN 978-0929652603

Maybe you heard someone mention business architecture in a passing conversation or in a planning meeting? Perhaps you’ve heard stories of a financial services company in Scandinavia, government agencies in the UK, a bank in the Netherlands, a global shipping company, or a major U.S. airline using business architecture to enact strategic change or drive business transformation. Or perhaps in-house strategy, transformation, planning, product, or customer experience teams have suggested you adopt or support in-house business architecture efforts. The business architecture drumbeat is steadily growing louder, yet you still cannot figure out what people are talking about. Well, the wait is over. The Business Architecture Quick Guide will help you sort through the noise and disinformation, focus on the benefits, and take the next steps.

The Quick Guide has a singularly focused purpose: to demystify business architecture for those business professionals likely to benefit from it the most. The Quick Guide represents the collective experiences of a worldwide community of practice, courtesy of the Business Architecture Guild(R), and not just another opinion piece or the musings of a single individual. Look no further for the answers on business architecture; they are right here in this „little big book for game changers.“ The Quick Guide will point you to a wealth of additional resources that will enable you to take the next steps and begin to reap the benefits that other organizations are already achieving. Either way, you will no longer be left out of the discussion and ready to take action the next time the topic of business architecture enters the conversation.